Benefits of Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fence is regularly used by landowners for containing a variety of livestock. Such fences consist of a net of vertical and horizontal wires, with a knot at the intersections.A woven wire fence offers many benefits to those looking to build a long lasting and strong fence around their farm or ranch. Some of these benefits include -

  • Durable: Woven wire fencing is stronger than many other fencing options like barbed wire. Woven wire fencing remains strong and durable even under the challenging geographical environmental conditions. Due to the strength of the net, woven wire fence is able to withstand impact from large animals.
  • Safer: Woven wire fencing also offers a much safer option than some of the alternative fencing materials due to the smooth knots in the wire. For example, if you choose to use barbed wire in your fencing, then you risk injury to your livestock.In contrast, woven wire fencing is much safer and the risk of injury to your animals is negligible.
  • Cheaper: Woven wire fencing is a cheaper alternative when compared to wooden post and rail fences. As such, you can fence large areas of your farm or ranch very cost effectively. Woven wire fencing offers better durability and strength for its cost.
  • Combine With Other Wires:  You can combine woven wires with other types of wires to make it a more effective barrier. For example, some ranch owners may use an electric wire together with the woven wires when building their fence. This combination of both woven wires and electric will make the fence more resistant to pressure put on it by large animals. Barbed wires strands can be added on top of a woven wire fence to get the benefit of a strong wire fence and also ensure that the animals stay off the fence and do not lean on the top strand.

To get a more accurate analysis of how woven wire fencing can benefit your farm or ranch, you should contact a reputed fencing supplier in your area. They will be in a better position to judge your property and guide you accordingly to build a strong, safe fence. 


  1. It's interesting that you mentioned how woven wire is safer for your livestock. I have been needing to replace my fence, and was wondering what options I had. I can see how using woven wire, would prevent my animals from getting cut.


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